A Solemn Occasion–voting

I got my Arkansas mail-in ballot yesterday. Today, I was surprised by how solemn I felt as I studied all that was in the envelope. The ballot itself. A page of instructions. A page of secondary information to fill in, validating me as a registered voter. Photocopying my driver’s license to use for my photo ID.

Don’t know when I’ve read and re-read instructions so carefully, checked and re-checked that I understood everything. Finally I marked the ballot, filled in blanks on the information-required sheet, checked and double-checked and, finally sealed the envelopes. (The ballot had its own separate envelope to go inside the BIG envelope with the other papers.)

This auspicious occasion seemed increasingly solemn as I made sure I had everything done correctly. But, finally, all seemed in order and I left for the Post Office.

I had on jeans, and, for a moment, thought they were much too casual for this oh so important event. But then I decided “Joe won’t mind.”

The first President I voted for was Dwight Eisenhower. Years ago. of course. But never have I felt the solemnity I did today, even though I know I am only one among millions. Can’t say why, exactly. Maybe it was because, instead of going to a building and standing in line to vote while others bustled or waited around me, I was entirely on my own. I was responsible for the complete process.

I am sure you will be voting too, some time between now and Nov. 3. I hope you join me in honoring the solemnity and importance of the occasion.

And in feeling as good about it as I do.



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