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Is it really about redemption?

April 28, 2020

A number of years ago one of my favorite mystery authors, Carolyn Hart, was quoted as saying something about the relation of traditional mystery novels to redemption. I can no longer quote her exactly, but the link between mystery writing and redemption sure gave me a lot to think about.

I was just beginning my career as a traditional mystery author and had sold my first two novels to a publisher. Without thinking about it at all until Carolyn’s comment awakened me, my own interests, religious background, and motivations had created two mystery stories that did indeed lead to redemption in the lives of one or more characters. Not only that, I began to recognize a redemption theme or background in the work of other authors whose books I enjoyed most. It had been so subtle in both my own work and my enjoyment of other books that, until someone else brought it to my attention, I didn’t think about it at all.

And redemption solutions found or earned by book characters became a dominant idea in all my written work though I never struggled to make that happen or even, 90% of the time, attempted to make it happen in the plots.

More about this later on this blog, but, though it initially surprised me, not only have individuals in my stories been changed for the better by the end of a book, thoughts while creating these results have helped me personally.

More than once, remembering what my main female protagonist, Carrie McCrite, thinks while untangling human-caused danger and disaster has helped me find peace in less critical problems I have faced.

So, what do you think about redemption writing? Especially initially, I had no intention of writing for a Christian market. I do not preach. But I realize now that what comes out in my writing must be God-centered, though subtly enough that folks who are not church goers do not think of my books as “religious, ” nor, do a certain degree, do I. Comforting, yes, especially now in these disturbing times.

Comforting, most of all, to their author.