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May 1, 2020

I would guess that many writers, who work at home anyway, are not traumatized by self-isolating as, it seems, some people in other careers are. Since the passing of my husband (best friend and business manager) a year ago, I have lived alone. Learning how to take care of all the things John did related to my writing career, not to mention the many household chores–from bill paying to light bulb changing–has been difficult, and I have had to quit some of my favorite career experiences. I do miss the easy ability of traveling to distant book selling/signing events and writers’ conferences, but otherwise I am adapting. John and I worked separately most days at home, so, even when he was here, we were often quietly separate, but certainly not lonely.


I recently finished the anthology of short stories I had long dreamed about writing (“Solving Peculiar Crimes”) and that is now off to my editor. Wow, now I actually have time to read books written by favorite authors, including some I know well and have enjoyed spending time with at writers” events in the past. That is a huge plus.

I do need to catch up with promotion methods that have changed quite a bit since my last novel came out in 2016. Whoa, has it been that long? On- line promotion on Social Media and elsewhere has leaped ahead during those years.

I still look forward to the time when life opens up again, and I can go back to my regular Friday-Saturday book selling and signing events in an area chain of grocery stores. I enjoy talking with people, face-to-face, which is, I know. a contrast to the fact that I don’t mind long days at home alone.

So, how are things going for you? If you are home alone, are you adjusting to that, both income and experience-wise?