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  1. Lana Day Says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading some notes on your blog and I admit to having a true motive other than that of “just blogging around.”
    My cousin, Gay F., from Tulsa, told me about her “friend, Radine.” All well and good. The more she told the greater my fasination. My father (D. O. Sayre) had very kind words to say about “the Nehrings” who lived not far from his home just across the Missouri/Arkansas border. Furthermore, I had clipped an article of YOURS from a Tulsa World many years ago, after reading the article (caught my Sunday morning attention, I believe…content and the Gravette, Ark. note)…ANYWAY, I am wondering, many years later, if you might be the same Nehring’s my dad spoke of. My father passed away in 1983. If so, I would say, that it is not only a small world, but the way we are connected to one another in such ways is even more thought provoking.
    I am a retired first grade teacher who, by the way, loved your recent post on reading to a child. *I just got home from the Owasso library with my short-stack of books for the next two weeks.
    I would love to know if the common threads are wrapped as smoothly as I think, or perhaps you’re someone who has just caught my interest many years ago with the Tulsa World article and my cousin, Gay. Either would be a blessing, I’m sure. *Gay loaned my your first (?) book and I read it through at almost one sitting. Loved the story of building your place there. Southwest City, rural, used to be a wonderland for growing up in the 50’s and 60’s.

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