A thank you to all those who have taught me what I value most about being a career author!

I remember when I thought almost every writer had a good income. That was back when I was a reader, not a writer. But these days, an increasing number of readers know that a majority of those writing the books they love are not wealthy. True, some are, but a much larger percentage are not.

The perception of wealth still exists. A writer joining a writing group I headed said she had decided to write so she could quit her job and just write–and she had a fairly high position with a company very prominent in the area of Arkansas where I live. Everyone in our group quickly explained the facts of a writing life to her. “Don’t quit your day job.”

It isn’t that most writers don’t sell books, many in high numbers. But expenses can quickly outweigh income–everything from postage to paid helpers like promotion specialists; from toner for printers to pay for editing. (And that’s the all-important editing before you begin submitting a book to agents or publishers.)

This can be good. Why? Ask the question again, “Why do you write?” The answer has to be because the writer loves writing, as I do. If anyone asked me “What is the activity you enjoy most?” Number one on my list would be that I enjoy the process of writing, whether non-fiction, or creating stories. Second on the list would be meeting and talking with readers when I am out and about selling my written work. Meeting people who stop to chat with me when I set up to sell books in any location is a real lift. A majority are friendly, interested, and interesting, whether or not they choose to buy my non fiction like DEAR EARTH, one or more of the novels in my Carrie and Henry “To Die For” mystery series, or to read or respond to a blog. In whatever way, I get to hear their stories and, sometimes, to share mine.

People talk a lot about how much “non-love” is out and about today. I don’t think they’re talking about most authors and their fans.

Even email correspondence is enjoyable. I love putting ideas and thoughts on paper or a computer screen. Hobby, yes. Business, definitely. Something that brings me wealth, no. I am paid in words printed and on screen and in words spoken in conversation with readers. I am also paid in the words in books written by many, many, other authors that I enjoy reading.



One Response to “A thank you to all those who have taught me what I value most about being a career author!”

  1. Erma Branum Says:

    So happy there is going to be a new book.
    Ready to buy it and read it.

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