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There are a lot of puzzles to be discovered in today’s writing world!

July 2, 2020

Though I have been writing and selling my written work since 1986, there are still many things about writing and publishing that bewilder me. Of course “way back when” my early work was written on a typewriter. I advanced to an electronic typewriter, then, finally, to simple computing which was easily understood and managed for the writing I did then.

And now? Well, my same old computer still works well for simple writing. In fact, it recently went with me through the writing of “Solving Peculiar Crimes,” a book of thirteen short stories featuring Carrie and Henry (protagonists in all my “To Die For” mystery series) as they discover and see to conclusion several peculiar crimes, many of which center around the theme of eventual redemption!

But current advances in computing–and all tech use–dump me into a scary world where I am required to do much re-learning and understanding of technology. I saw a recent Buick ad which featured technology that accomplished parallel parking for a young boy in the driver’s seat. Whoa! I guess the car actually does that, and yes, I could use help with parking, but a hands-off the steering wheel option? This is a whole new world.

And here’s another big something I don’t understand. Looking recently at the listing of all my books on Amazon, I came across the offering of a mass market paperback copy of the seventh novel in my “To Die For” series, “A Fair to Die For.” Other than the fact that book is available in print in trade paperback only, this mass market copy (whence?) is listed for $809.64 and the pub date is January 1, 1822.

I guess that’s a bargain? Any takers out there?