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New system tricked me?

September 22, 2014

Haven’t a clue how the odd blog post caption appeared.


What I thought I wrote was:

“Where do ideas for our stories come from? –and a chance to win a free book!”

If you can figure out what happened, let me know!   🙂



September 22, 2014

Where do story ideas come from?

Out of the air?


Reports in the media?

Overheard conversations?


Maybe all of the above, but, for me, ideas begin with a location in Arkansas that I have visited, enjoyed, and seen value in. In that I am very fortunate, because my own novels allow me to re-visit wonderful places whether or not I can make an actual trip there at the time.  Right now, for example, our country home and acres in the Ozarks that we named Spring Hollow over thirty years ago is for sale, and we will be moving to a city condo when it sells. But, in my writing, I have given myself and others Spring Hollow, in both fiction and non-fiction. My non-fiction book, DEAR EARTH, is set entirely at Spring Hollow as it really is. My major characters in my mystery series (seven books “To Die For” and counting,) actually live in a place I named “Blackberry Hollow” but yes, it really IS Spring Hollow. So, I will never fully leave Spring Hollow.

All novels, of course, also feature a visit to a specific “full-of-history and interest” place in Arkansas. Such was the case for my most recent novel, A FAIR TO DIE FOR, set largely at the War Eagle Craft Fair held each October in Northwest Arkansas. (Up to 200,000 visitors during the four days of the fair.) Yes, husband and I have visited the fair many times, and purchases made there have added convenience and beauty to our home.  But a mystery set there?

Well, why not? I love creating mystery stories, so how about a craft fair setting, and, while I’m at it, why not include other features of interest located near the War Eagle Fair grounds as additional plot settings?  So, of course, I did just that.

Happily, my publisher, Oak Tree Press is sponsoring a give-away of ten free print copies of A FAIR TO DIE FOR on Goodreads between now and midnight, Sept. 30, 2014.  You can enter to win at:

I invite you to join me at special places in Arkansas,

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