I have many reasons to be grateful, even in the middle of current chaos in my life  (most of it related to a planned move from country to city), not to mention in the world — seems like problems are looming all around.  So, it’s time for me to think of the good in my life. Darkness can not and should not prevail!

Major on my list is gratitude stemming from strong belief in and practice of my Christian religion.

However, as a writer, I am thinking today of thankfulness related to that profession.

1. I’m grateful for a mother who read to me from books and made up original little stories for me before I could read on my own.  Later she took me on the bus (our family’s one car was used by my father only) to a library in Tulsa where I could check out stacks of books every week.

2. I’m grateful for teachers in all my schools who encouraged me as a writer.

3. Grateful for early writing contacts in Tulsa, Oklahoma through Tulsa Nightwriters, and for their meetings with speakers on so many writing-related topics based on inspiration or craft.

4. Grateful to Peggy Fielding, TNW member who taught adult writing classes at what was then Tulsa Junior College.  I think I took every single one of her scheduled classes on topics from writing for confession magazine to submitting a literary novel to publishers.  All classes had invaluable ideas and advice on the business of writing.  Other benefits were making connections with  other aspiring authors in the classes, plus enjoying Peggy’s encouragement and humor–a terrific boost.  (A favorite example of Peggy’s humor was seeing her act out the role of “Ms Poo-Poo.” the editor at an unnamed publishing company who would be looking at our submissions.  We also learned about the mail room attendant who collected stamps, therefore saw to it that our submissions with carefully selected unique stamps, got to Ms. Poo-Poo’s desk on top of the stack!)

5. I’m grateful for the editors and publishers who eventually bought each of my books, and for the sources that helped me connect to them.

6. Grateful to the bookstores and many other venues who host programs and signings for me.

7. Grateful for advice, criticism, and, yes, praise from countless people.

8. Grateful for conferences and conventions designed for writers and all who plan and host them.  Wonderful experiences.  I wish I could attend them all.  They are great help in a writing career and I can’t even begin to be grateful enough for friendships made there.

9. Grateful for my critique group, Spavinaw Authors Guild, which has been a huge help in giving me a potential reader’s viewpoint about my novels, and in correcting speed bumps and grammar problems in my work.

10. Grateful for you, and you, and you, and all friends met online.  This is a huge interest field with so many participants, both readers and writers, isn’t it.

I could continue, but you get the idea.  I have so much to be grateful for today!

Join me in gratitude for something in your life today!

Radine at http://www.RadinesBooks.com





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  1. bill morris Says:

    Radine, please keep us informed about your impending (?) move to a city. Which city? In Arkansas or another state? Bill morris

  2. terrysthoughtsandthreads Says:

    I am grateful for writers like you who share your stories in such graceful words and beautiful visual imagery. You inspire me to continue trying to put the stories together and get them onto the pages, Radine. Thank you for so much!

  3. radine Says:

    We will be moving from Spring Hollow (see my non-fiction book, DEAR EARTH, A Love Letter from Spring Hollow) to a condominium in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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