A writing lesson — from creating poetry

Just wondering today, how many writers reading this consider the value of writing poetry as a move forward in their writing career?  Oh–I don’t mean poetry to publish, necessarily, but poetry as practice for word control (see last week’s blog) for learning rhythm, and so much more.

Any thoughts?

What do YOU consider the most helpful idea you’ve received to forward your own writing career?  Maybe we should have a round robin of ideas?




6 Responses to “A writing lesson — from creating poetry”

  1. Vickie McDonough Says:

    I’m a multi-published author in historical & contemporary romance, and I never write poetry–ever. I can’t tell you why, but I’ve never liked reading it either. Sorry to all of you poets.

    Pinning down just one piece of good advice that moved my career forward would be hard. I can name several.

    *Don’t burn any bridges in the writing world. The editor you hate today and bad-mouthed on your blog, might be the acquiring editor at a house you submit to in a few years.

    *Network as much as possible. Get to know other writers, editors, agents, whenever you have the chance. Often times it’s who you know that helps make a sale.

    *Rejection letters happen. It’s a fact of life for writers. So fuss and fume for a few minutes, then stick that letter in a drawer, eat some chocolate, and get back to writing.

    *And write and write and write. You can’t be a writer if you never write.

  2. D.E. Chandler Says:

    I try to read or write at least one poem a day. That good advice came from Ray Bradbury, who enjoyed the same practice. For my part, it’s all part of the same ecosystem. It’s for love of words that most of us write, I think, and for me poetry deepens and accentuates that love. Poetry, and the advice of good friends and mentors are encouraging me on the way to a writing career. I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it.

  3. cueballmysteries Says:

    Radine and D.E., I’m a mystery author, but my blog is all poetry! The sillier the better. If either of you would like to offer a guest poem, please let me know. You can see details of Whimsical Wednesday’s With Friends at my web site under “Contact.” And of course, you may also read my silly (and very unprofessional poetry) at my blog. Thanks, Cindy B.

    • radine Says:

      Cindy, only straight text posts work here, sorry, couldn’t access your blog, which came up here as video. I sure wanted to see your whimsical poetry and the rest!

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