You said:  “Write well?   Me, I’m not all that interested in learning to write well. Don’t need to know fancy words.   Oh, wait a mo, got a message.”

cm 7, par-t brendas.”

While you might be excited about the seven o’clock party at Brenda’s, how do you feel about the words in the invitation?

Oh, you didn’t notice anything about them?

Hm, no wonder.  There are no words there except for Brenda’s name.

I suspect many think they don’t need good writing skills for communication today.   What do you think?

Guess it depends on your activities and life interests. It also depends on how well you listen to words that go across the screen of your mind.   Do they sing?  Jerk?  Rumble?  Do they show you things you haven’t imagined before, or state a fact and walk off the stage, leaving you in silence?

Well, how about words used in  political speeches?  (Okay, shudder, but, talk about clever use of words . . . !)  How about your pastor’s sermons? A teacher’s transmission of knowledge? Business and sales presentations?  Words expressing sympathy and friendship? AND, of course, words of love.

And, what if you’re a writer?

You know, there’s great personal pleasure in the ability to use language well, just as there is pleasure in any other human skill we master.  Developing skill in communication–which implies one or more people are going to be touched by our words–is right up there with skill in sports or in any other area where we strive for mastery.

Sports mastery is personal, though others will cheer any of our victories. Writing mastery, too, is personal.  It takes people into our idea-sharing web, it brings them into a world we have created.  Besides that, writing well is fun. If you are a writer, can you tell me it isn’t fun to turn on the computer in the morning, read something you wrote yesterday, and think, “Gosh, that’s pretty good, did I write that? If you are a writer and haven’t discovered this great pleasure yet, keep writing.  You definitely will!

Using only words, and your imagination linked to pictures inside your head, you can create dark places of fear, whether in street, cave, or jungle. You can create happy places, sunny weddings, colorful festivals, bright flower gardens.  No camera. No drawing pencil or paint brush.  Just WORDS!

Okay, get going.  Dig for the magic words only you can bring to life!  And don’t tell me “cn’t no tym.”



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2 Responses to “I DON’T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT . . . .”

  1. EARL STAGGS Says:

    Well said, Radine, but you tend to do that a lot, my friend. By coincidence, I posted something along similar lines on Murderous Musings today.

  2. Radine Trees Nehring Says:

    Once more, we think alike. I tried to go to the site to read your post but my computer choked up and stalled. It said it got stuck on a large photo. Our Internet is too feeble to appreciate big photo files, (the reason I don’t have them on my blog). Oddly enough it will accept facebook photos but they are very slow loading.

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