Welcome to my honored guest blogger,  F. M. Meredith, aka Marilyn Meredith.  When it comes to talking about conferences and conventions,  she knows whereof she speaks!  Here’s Marilyn:

“There are a multitude of reasons for attending a mystery conference or convention,  and many of them to choose from.  I’ll tell you about both and what has turned out to be the most satisfying part of going to them for me.

“Bouchercn in Milwaukee was my first experience with this great and huge mystery convention.  I didn’t know many people who attended though I certainly recognized the big name authors,  some from photos on book covers, others from their name tags.  One of the booksellers was willing to sell my books that I hauled with me, taking such a big percent I made nothing.  Didn’t make much difference,  I think only two or three of the books were purchased.

“There were so many exciting sounding panels it was hard to choose which ones to attend,  but I filled my days with them.  Hubby had a great time going to the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Museum and a brewery.

“My first Left Coast Crime was in Monterey.  This time hubby stayed home,  but several of the women from the San Joaquin chapter of Sisters in Crime attended.  Besides them,  I actually ran into some of the people I’d met at that first Bouchercon.  I also met more writers that I admired.  I was on a panel, but had no books to sell.

“I don’t really know what came next because I went to all sorts of conventions and conferences after that,  including some that no longer exist.  Among them,  Mayhem in the Midlands, which was one both hubby and I looked forward to every year.  We made friends with lots of readers,  people who lived in Omaha where the conference was held,  and fellow writers.  Though some big name writers attended this conference  more midlist writers came.  Among them were Radine Trees Nehring (whose blog I’m visiting today) and her husband,  John.

“Over the years, we looked forward to spending time with the Nehrings,  sharing at least one meal with them,  and visiting about writing,  promotion,  and living in general.  Sometimes we were fortunate to see them at more than one conference during the years.  We truly formed a bond with them both,  something that would have never happened if we hadn’t gone to all these mystery events.

“Being a writer can get lonely at times.  Of course the Internet has helped authors and readers connect with one another,  but it’s not the same as sitting down and having a conversation with someone and getting to know them.  And that’s what you can do at a mystery conference or convention.

“Over the years, I’ve met so many wonderful people,  some readers of mysteries and of course writers of mysteries.  Now when I go to a convention or conference,  it makes me feel like I’m attending a reunion of old friends.  Sure I’m going to promote my latest book by handing out cards,  hopefully getting to be on a panel,  and having the book available in the convention or conference book store.  The best part though,  will be connecting with all the wonderful people that I’ve met over the years.

“The book I’m promoting right now is the latest in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series, No Bells.

“Officer Gordon Butler has finally found the love he’s been seeking for a long time, but there’s one big problem,  she’s the major suspect in a murder case.”


F. M. Meredith,  also known as Marilyn Meredith,  is the author of over thirty published novels–and a few that will never see print.  Her latest in the Rocky Bluff  P. D.  crime series from Oak Tree Press,  is No Bells.  Rocky Bluff is a fictional beach community between Ventura and Santa Barbara and F. M. once lived in a similar beach area.

F. M. (Marilyn) is a member of EPIC,  Four chapters of Sisters in Crime,  Mystery Writers of America,  and serves as the program chair for the Public Safety Writers of America’s writing conference.  She’s been an instructor at many writing conferences.

Visit her at and her blog at

CONTEST:  The person who comments on the most blogs on my tour will win three books in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series:  No Sanctuary,  An Axe to Grind,  and Angel lost.   Be sure and leave your email too,  so I can contact you.


Yes’m!  Conventions and Conferences are great — especially if Hap and Marilyn are there!!!

Thanks for coming to my blog,  Marilyn.  At least we can meet this way.  And,  sorry, our feeble Internet service wouldn’t let that “terrific” photo of the Merediths and Nehrings upload.  (We really tried and are planning now to take the laptop to a wifi place and see if we can add it that way–maybe separately.  Readers here may need to go to another blog post to find it! )  Maybe by next time we’ll have better Internet service at our home.

Sending a hug to both you and Hap.     Your grateful friend,  Radine


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  1. radine Says:

    AHHH, as everyone can see, by working with stronger Internet at Trolley Line Bookstore in Rogers, AR, on April 27 we were finally able to get the photo to load and arrive where we wanted it. I can’t tell you how pleased we feel about that! (John and Radine working together.) Those of you who have high speed Internet, please appreciate how great that is. (We love living in Spring Hollow’s forest, but, when it comes to technology, there are problems . . . Cell phones don’t work here in the hollow either, and we only get one television channel, Arkansas Public Television. Thank goodness that’s the station we want to watch 98% of the time.

  2. scrapgirl1467 Says:

    Radiance, thanks for hosting Marilyn and all of us today! Marilyn, thanks for an interesting post on attending these conferences. I haven’t been healthy enough to get to be, but it is a dream of mine to attend one someday!

    Please enter me in your contest at scrapgirl1467 (at)


  3. jblinco Says:

    Marilyn I truly enjoyed your bog today. Was discussing recently having a conference locally so we readers might meet authors & hopefully purchase books. Another change of photo-you must have an extensive library of photos. Thanks again to both for tour.Jake

  4. jblinco Says:

    Conferences are good for readers and writers. Discussing having one locally to which we hope you would both feel like attending. Thanks for another interesting article with photo.Jake

  5. Sara Says:

    Two of my favorite people together! I met you and John at Mayhem in the Midlands and I met Marikyn and Hap at Cluefest, both of which are now defunct.

  6. Jackie king Says:

    I’ve never seen two finer looking couples. (Also, two fine writers!)

  7. Marilyn Meredith Says:

    Glad you found us, Maureen.

    Jackie, thank you..

  8. Gayle Bartos-Pool Says:

    The more comfortable a writer gets going to these conferences, the more they look like they belong and that makes readers interested in their work. I think you guys are doing a great job getting out there and meeting the people. And maybe I won’t be as nervous when I attend one of these events.

  9. radine Says:

    Gayle . . . and any other introverts, (as am I). You are definitely among friends at these events–they’re great places to to give and get friendship. When you see someone standing silently by, watching people chatting and walking past, go to that person, say hello, tell them who you are and where you’re from, and ask about their reading and/or writing! You’ll definitely have made a friend, and, quite possibly, a reader of your work, present or future.

  10. marilynm Says:

    And Sara, you know how much I’ve enjoyed you at all the conference we’ve attended at the same time.

    Gayle, never be nervous at a conference or convention, just have lots of fun.

  11. marilynm Says:

    And Radine, thank you so much for hosting me, it’s been great being with you again.

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