Friends at Mayhem in the Midlands Conference

Hap Meredith and John Nehring were on a panel “Living With An Author”  (Is it THAT bad guys?)


5 Responses to “Friends at Mayhem in the Midlands Conference”

  1. Jackie king Says:

    Sorry I missed that conference.

  2. Karen E. Rigley Says:

    The conference sounds delightful. I used to attend (even organize) many workshops & conferences, but life changes. I got tears in my eyes reading your post, Radine. Yes, we love & cherish our in person friends, but online friends can turn into those huggable friends. One of my very best friends is a fellow write I meet online a lifetime ago–well, a good seventeen years or more. She was there through my divorce, the loss of my mother, the birth of my first grandchild & I was there for her life challenges good & bad, as well. It took a decade before we met in person when she & her husband came to visit full our real in person hugs. So I must say I have dear friends in person & in cyberspace and feel very blessed to have both. Thanks for a great post!

  3. Karen E. Rigley Says:

    Excuse the typos–tears blurred my eyes & my fumble fingers won. Naturally I didn’t proof. 😉

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