Anyone reading this under fifty?  Okay.  At least we’re all interested in what it’s like to be a senior citizen because we either are one, or hope to be one.

I’ve traveled over to Madison Johns Spunky Seniors Blog today to guest post on this topic.  See you there:



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4 Responses to “I’M A LATE BLOOMER”

  1. Rita Kirby Says:

    It was my pleasure to meet you in the Van Buren library today, Radine.
    Rita Kirby

    • radine Says:

      The same to you. It was a great conference!

      • radine Says:

        It went away before I finished! I just got home, and have loads to do, but look forward to seeing your blog. I am behind on my own blog but will catch up this coming week.

    • radine Says:

      Rita, I must have written your blog address down incorrectly, I got a paint ball site. Hmm. Could you e-mail me your contact again, please? You can reach me through my web site. Thanks, Radine

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