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Recorded Books

January 29, 2010

This may be brief because we are in the middle of a huge winter weather front and ice is now building up on trees…and power lines.   Ah, well.  There will be a sudden “Bye-bye”  if lights begin to blink.

We are getting used to spending 3-7 days without power out here in the Ozarks during the winter. I understand that our wildly swinging weather patterns (including severe cold) are most probably the result of climate change brought about by global warming. Whatever your feelings are about this I assure you that the results here are no fun.

But the possible coming power outage makes me think about recorded books.  Rare is the time when my husband and I don’t have a recorded mystery (our chosen field to read and hear as well as my chosen field as an author) playing in our car.  BUT, when the power is off, their importance is elevated to miracle level.  Sure, one can read by lantern, but in the dark-dark of a cold, electricity-less night they are a terrific diversion and soother.   Something to look forward to while we huddle in front of the wood stove amid our jungle of house plants.

(I have learned in past storms that our house gets cold enough to maim or kill many plants, with African violet and peace lily being the first to go.   So all house plants move into the kitchen, and the greenhouse is emptied as well.  I know enough not to keep many plants out in the greenhouse in winter, but anything remaining is also moved into the kitchen.  The greenhouse heater is electric, by the way.)

Our kitchen jungle is not an unfriendly place, over all.

How are you making out this winter?  Enjoyed any good (recorded)  books lately?  We just finished an Agatha Christie re-read, “The Mysterious Affair at Styles.  Currently in a Diane Mott Davidson, “Fatally Flakey.”  Which brings up another thought.   The ONLY thing bad about recorded books is the fact it’s almost impossible to skip over-done or boring passages.  In a print book I can skim easily over repetitious or flat and unnecessary parts.   In recorded books my husband and I endure (and often comment about) them.

Ah well.  One can’t have everything. Including consistent electric power in winter ice storms.

Stay warm,   Radine