Interested in the writing profession?

Then here’s a new book for you…a unique book for sure, because not only is it created by writers for writers, it’s a GREEN book, something unique in today’s publishing world of books printed (often with huge overruns) on chopped trees using inks with toxic ingredients.

A WRITER’S JOURNEY JOURNAL is printed on Mohawk paper made from post-consumer recycled fiber that is chlorine-free.  (Few harmful pulp mill by-products are produced.) The mill’s electricity comes from wind-powered turbines.  The cover is also created on recycled fibre.

The book was printed by Sunrise Printing of Calhoun, Georgia.  Cindy Tucker and her staff there are committed to doing all they can to minimize the impact of their business upon the earth. They offer Earth-friendly low-VOC inks (low in volatile organic compounds) on Mohawk paper.

The book’s publisher, Wolfmont Press (same publisher that creates the Toys for Tots fund-raising short story anthology each fall) presents this book to those who still love the feel and readability of a physical book.

NOW TO THE BOOK ITSELF!  Successful authors were invited to submit essays for A WRITER’S JOURNEY JOURNAL and given these guidelines: “Write about inspiration, information, humor…whatever helped you find your way as a writer and can help others.

And they did!  Thirteen authors (a lucky number) were selected.  Their essays (each a WOW) are included, along with lined blank pages where the book’s owner can insert his or her own ideas, writing snippits, and comments.  Each page is topped with a piquant quote from a well-recognized author, past or present. One of my favorites, and one I have used several times in talks and classes, is from Tom Stoppard:  “Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones in the right order, you can nudge the world a little.”

Isn’t that great?

And all for only $9.95.

Wolfmont Press is at 238 Park Drive NE, Ranger, GA 30734, or

Enjoy!   Radine


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One Response to “Interested in the writing profession?”

  1. Tony Burton Says:


    Thanks for spreading the word about THE WRITER’S JOURNEY JOURNAL! The reception it has received is very encouraging–we’ve had orders coming in from as far away as Australia. And there is still ONE MORE DAY (well, through May 15, 2009) for the special deal on shipping and handling!


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