I can’t help crowing…will you crow with me?

No matter how they are achieved–and I know there has been a bunch of discussion here about that–being nominated or winning awards for writing is a wonderful affirmation of skill and talent in the profession. Awards are sure encouragement for nominees and recipients, and I am always joyous for the winners, whether I have ever heard of them or not. (The fact I may not know their names means nothing. This is a HUGE profession.) And just think, with the possible exception of highest-ups in corner offices at the Conglomerate Biggies (probably people who oversee much more than publishing) we work with folks like us who are interested in READING and in good writing to supply readers. That is one more great thing about our profession.

Well, this leads up to the fact I have an award to announce. Each May a large umbrella writers’ organization called OWFI (with many affiliate chapters in several states) holds a very large conference in the Oklahoma City area. Two days of three-track events, talks, banquets (2) and workshops. Luncheons to honor authors and allow them to spend friendly time with a large selection of agents and editors–who also meet one-on-one with writers and present panels and talks. There are quite a few presenters in the mystery/suspense field, though the event covers all types of writing. Tess Gerritsen and Jordan Dane were two speakers this year. I have connected with one editor and one agent at past OWFI conferences.

OWFI (Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc.) draws attendees from all over the south, mid-states, and southwest, with most coming from Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Kansas. The OWFI directors now find it difficult to locate a venue large enough to hold the event.

OWFI has contests with cash awards, certificates, trophies. I am told there are between one and two thousand entries overall each year. And, WOW, oh WOW, this year my upcoming (6th) novel in the mystery category, working title A JOURNEY TO DIE FOR, earned first place. Though my work has been nominated for a number of awards and earned others in the past, today, this week, this month, the OWFI first is my affirmation, my wonderful feeling that I can write to please readers. Thank you for smiling with me,

Radine, a member of OWFI affiliate, Arkansas Ridge Writers.


One Response to “I can’t help crowing…will you crow with me?”

  1. David A. Todd Says:


    Congratulations on the first place finish!

    I’ve been looking for a writers conference in Oklahoma City, since that’s where daughter, s-i-l, and grandson are, and haven’t found any except a small Christian one in March. I’ll check out OWFI.


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