Why do we blog, tweet, etc.?

If you are blogging, tweeting, meeting Facebook friends, etc. what are these forms of communication replacing in your life? Anything ?  In a finite day, where do they fit in?   I really do want to know about this.

After admitting I can’t manage any of these or similar connections easily because of our antique phone lines and access only to dial-up and I can’t hook up with some of them at all, I want to know how people feel about communicating in this manner.  How much am I missing?  (Truly…and you don’t have to sign your names. Make a nom up if need be.)

I am assuming readers stopping by here are mature, therefore many aren’t used to having ear pieces for hearing (I don’t mean deaf aids) and don’t have thumbs flying to text instead of speak.

I have books and other writing to promote or I probably wouldn’t care all that much whether you or I are Facebook Friends or display our wildly absorbing book trailers across computer screens.  However!!!  From what I read on lists for writers that I participate in, these communication methods are major ways to promote one’s work today. Probably so, but technology is rushing in so rapidly that I think all of us are still assessing the benefits of one activity when the next comes along and folks rush to adopt it instead. (I hope INSTEAD, in most cases, or the participant in one-too-many is likely to blow apart with all the activity.)

On my favorite lists I often read questions from an author like this:  “How many book sales have resulted from your…(fill in the blank), blog, tweets, book trailer, and so on ?”  No one seems to have a quantitative answer.

Perhaps more important, how do YOU balance the value of quiet contemplation against all this rushing to type into the next technology?   Is it worth it?  Is there too much chatter?

Are these answerable questions?

Let me know,  Radine


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One Response to “Why do we blog, tweet, etc.?”

  1. dan Says:

    Hi Radine,

    I don’t know how effective blogs are in selling books. I have 55 orders for “Coffee with John Heartbreak” which will be available in July–as a result of notifying visitors to the blog that a print copy would be available. Suzette Elgin Hayden reports very good success selling books and getting workshop invitations via her blog/website.

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