Plain ol’ Radine

No fancy pictures or other entertainment here. Two reasons: We are still on the most primitive dial-up Internet access out here in the boonies, (no other options…believe me, we’ve investigated) and the whole system clogs up over fancies. The other reason? I use some things about the Internet comfortably, but others bewilder me. Even were I able to post pictures (or receive them easily) it would take me some time to puzzle out how to do it.  Frankly…I’d rather be writing.   But here are a couple of fancier locations for you to enjoy.   I did.  When you see them you’ll understand why.


It was great fun to respond to these interview questions as you might imagine.  The second site has interviews with a lot of very interesting authors, doesn’t it?
Someone asked me recently what my most successful promotional tools and events have been.   That’s an easy question to answer (and I have done it here before in various ways) but here goes with a bit more:
Promotional tool?   Friendship.  With everyone.  Over the years I have been fortunate to enjoy friendship with media people, bookstore owners and managers, and especially other writers.  But the “everyone” part takes in readers as well.  Being sincerely nice to our fellow humans as well as being eager to help them when we can, is absolutely beyond price when comes to enjoying life and–I have discovered–to book selling.
One example?  When any newspaper feature writer has a column I enjoy, I always write and thank the person, telling a bit about why I enjoyed that particular feature or column.  Authors like me can live on a happy high for days after one nice comment about our work.  Journalists are no different.
I’ll talk about successful events next time.

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