Questions for writers

1. Did you have a make-believe friend when you were a child?   I sure did.  I gave her the improbable name of “Mary-Lan-Too-Sue” and don’t anyone dare ask me where that came from, because if I knew when I was four, I sure don’t know these many decades later.  I do wonder, however,  if inventing my playmate was any hint that, someday, I might invent characters in a book and enjoy spending time with them even more than I enjoyed Mary whatsis.  What do you think?

2. Did you do well on spelling tests?  Enjoy learning definitions of new words, the more complex the better?   I did. I still remember rolling new words around in my head and, eventually, across my tongue.  I think writers enjoy the power of words.  Do you agree?

3. Do you enjoy being alone, or would you prefer being in the center of a party?  If anyone asked me (for forty years or more) I would have said I was shy, though once I began appearing and speaking in public comfortably as an author, I wasn’t so sure.  Then someone explained “introvert” to me.  Hooray, I know what I am.  (See the Atlantic Monthly:   This is an article by Jonathan Rauch titled “Caring for Your Introvert.” )  Me! Me! Me!   How about you?

4. Do you enjoy moving forward with your writing in a work in progress?  How about editing that work?  I love doing both and, given a choice, would rather write or edit than almost anything else.  Do you understand? Are you with me here?

Y’know, because I AM a writer, because I AM an introvert, I rarely have a chance to discuss these, to me, deep questions with fellow writers.  So, how about a discussion here?   Do you at least understand how I explain myself?

Sincerely yours, Radine


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One Response to “Questions for writers”

  1. David A. Todd Says:

    1. No.
    2. Yes.
    3. Alone.
    4. Yes, to both writing and editing.

    I understand why so many writers down through history have lived solitary lives.


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