Reading for Pleasure

Do kids ever ask adults to “Read me a story” these days?  When I was growing up, Mother reading to me or making up the next episode in the lives of two shoes, “Dit” and “Dat” in a an on-going series of adventures she invented, was high pleasure.  We didn’t have television, let alone video games or ipods or…you name it.  Reading, or listening to various thirty minute adventure programs on the radio was it.  (If you’re old enough to remember “The Lone Ranger” on radio, you know what I mean.)

For some of us, then, the very words “Read me a story” signifies pleasure.  The term “Reading for pleasure” needs no explanation.

By reading we can, of course, learn how to beautify, make, repair, appreciate, or understand something.  We learn history, we see other worlds, and we do this all by reading.

Do any of you read cereal boxes?  Oh, I hope so.  I grew up reading cereal boxes and, though cereal isn’t on my breakfast menu very often now, when it is, I still read the boxes.

Do you read for pleasure?  Nutrition information for Special K? Recipe for Rice Krispy Marshmallow Treats?  Or do you limit yourself to the instructions for opening the box?

What about fiction–adventure, mystery, romance, sci-fi, fantasy?   Whatever…for me, there’s just something about anticipating a good story that awakens my smile juices.  How about you?

I think it’s still true that reading TO a child is the best of all reading pleasures.  Not only can you enjoy the story, (no matter how child-oriented), you are creating lifetime memories for the child you are reading to.   And this is something I know for sure.                                                      Radine


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