We can talk more about woman authors later, but not today.

What do the following mystery authors have in common?

Marian Allen, Janice Alonso, Allan Ansorge, Gayle Bartos-Pool, Tony Burton, Austin Camacho, S. M. Harding, Peg Herring, Gary R. Hoffman, M. E. Kemp, Terrie F. Moran, Radine Trees Nehring, Helen Schwartz.

I hope you know, because that means you are already familiar with DYING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND, the Wolfmont Press anthology of short stories featuring both a  mystery and a winter holiday.  The book, recently published by Wolfmont Press  (http://www.wolfmont.com), is quite an unusual entry in the bookselling world.  Why?  Because authors and publisher know up front that they will make no (I mean 00000) money from the book.  Where does the money go?  To the Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots Foundation.  It buys toys for children in a holiday season when, especially this year, too many are homeless and without hope of a visit from Santa.

Not only are stories and publishing expertise donated, all the authors and the publisher have been spending personal time and money on book promotion, gathering fabulous reviews, doing high-profile signings, and earning media coverage.  I have been to Kansas City to help I Love A Mystery bookstore open its Toys for Tots campaign (November 15) and had the joy of speaking in front of a welcoming and friendly group of people who heard me talk and then participated by buying copies of the anthology.

I have stood with a Marine in dress blues selling 35-40 books in a Barnes & Noble.  I have visited independent bookstores in small Arkansas towns where selling eight books in one afternoon is a record.  I have even presented the book to friends and acquaintances, one-on-one, and have seldom been turned down.

I wish I’d kept count of books sold.  (I’ve given away several, too.)  But I guess an exact count doesn’t matter.   I just know that the good feeling we all get from doing this does matter, HUGELY.


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One Response to “WRITING FOR A CAUSE”

  1. Tony Burton Says:


    Thank you for your continuing efforts to promote this book and help the kids! And a big “Thank You!” to those wonderful folks who have aided us by purchasing the book and talking it up among their friends. God bless you all!

    Tony Burton
    Editor and Publisher

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