Me as a writer. You as a writer

I want to reveal a couple of things about myself:

First, I’m a contented small press author and have been since 1994.  I sold my first book,  DEAR EARTH: A Love Letter from Spring Hollow–a collection of environmental essays set in the Arkansas Ozarks–without an agent.  I didn’t even apply to large publishers.  They intimidated me, and I thought the high-profile submission and publication process in New York didn’t suit my personality, even were they interested in my work.  (And I didn’t assume they would be at that point.)  Even so, I collected a number of very kind rejections before my book sold… a non-fiction publisher in New York!

Second revelation:  I believe there is no corner on creativity.  We all have it, albeit in varying forms.  I also believe in infinite individuality.  For that reason we don’t need to feel jealous when others in our writing community reach successful publication or earn a significant award.  We have our own niche to fill.

One proof of infinite creativity and individuality comes when conferences or magazines hold writing contests based on a story outline or story start that all must use.   I have judged some of these contests.  If creativity were NOT infinite, why does every single contestant–and they can number in the dozens or even hundreds–come up with stories that are so very different?

Individuality is part of the human condition.  Each of us is hard-wired with our own creative ability.

More about this next time




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