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I’m still learning….

August 25, 2007

So, if I go to Panera Bread Co. with my laptop and use their WiFi, things move a bit faster, and, assuming I can go to Panera every so often (try the Pumpkin Muffies) I can post then.

Anyone else out there stuck with antique phone lines and dial-up?

At home I can do word processing.   Which is a good thing since I am a mystery writer.   (The SOMETHING TO DIE FOR mystery series from St Kitts Press.  Information at


Some of us can’t blog.

August 8, 2007

Twenty minutes—that’s how long it took for this page to load. Why? I’m in the country, seven miles from town, hooked to phone lines that came in with wooly mammoths. This is the middle of the Ozarks. BUT I’m in Benton County, one of the fastest growing counties in Arkansas, just fifteen miles from Wal*Mart Home Office with all that means. Never mind that there are hundreds of new, empty houses, a lot of empty ( once lovely ) Ozarks land scraped to raw earth, and more than a million square feet of empty office space around me. We have been overly enthusiastic about what some call progress.

But there is no access to anything but dial-up where I live and work. Some around here have tried satellite Internet but then spend frequent days without any Internet at all when something goes blooie on that system. Any wonder the most frustrating part of my day is Internet work?

Since Internet is where communication (all communication?) is heading, maybe the United State Government should work on making high-speed connections available to every citizen.

So far , with starts and freezes, it’s taken me fifteen minutes to write this much of a message.

Who am I? A mystery author wrting in and about the Arkansas Ozarks. Why? I chose the Arkansas Ozarks as home thirty years ago because both my husband and I loved this area. We bought land among peaceful hills and hollows and lived in a forest. Now we have Wal*Mart McMansions, bare land, Hummers on our (now paved) road. And impossible Internet connections.

Progress? Phooie!

Anyone else of the 1291822 (as of this morning) bloggers out there on creaky dial-up? Okay, I have it out of my system. What next? Radine